Terms & Agreements

Instructions and Acknowledgments

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Rogue Valley Door is an equal opportunity employer. Our objective is to select the most qualified individual for the job. We encourage you to provide us with complete and accurate information that demonstrates your qualifications to perform the duties of jobs you are applying for.

Invitation to Applicants with a Disability to Request Reasonable Accommodation in the Hiring Process

If you have a disability that prevents you from successfully demonstrating your qualifications in any step of the hiring process, you may request an accommodation. If you need an accommodation, please inform the Rogue Valley Door Human Resource department at 541-479-5354  as soon as possible so that we have enough time to make the necessary arrangements.

Job Availability and Consideration of Application Form

I understand that Rogue Valley Door will consider my application for all open positions. You may specify the job title for which you are applying if applicable. The application will be active for 90 days from the date of application.  If I want Rogue Valley Door to consider me for a longer period of time, then I must complete a new application. Phone calls concerning applications are not accepted.

Responding to Inquiries on the Application Form

You must complete all of the inquiries on the application accurately and truthfully. If you leave an inquiry blank, we will not consider your application. If you believe a question does not apply, put “N/A” for a response in the space provided. As part of the application process, the company will verify information on your application form. If you report false, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information, we will reject your application or will terminate your employment if we discover such information after the date of hire.

Purpose of the Application Form

I understand that the purpose of the application form is to give me the opportunity to provide the company with information about my skills, experience, abilities and other personal attributes that meet the qualification requirements for the job position that is available. I understand that it is in my best interest to be thorough, accurate and descriptive in providing this information. I also understand that a number of people will apply for the job opening and that Rogue Valley Door does not guarantee anyone an interview or consideration beyond completing the application form.           

Reference and Information Check

In submitting this application for employment, I understand that Rogue Valley Door will investigate the information that I provide. If Rogue Valley Door selects me for an interview I understand that  I will be required to provide a release and waiver form so that Rogue Valley Door may verify my employment history, education and background as they relate to the job opening.

Drug Test

I understand that part of the hiring process at Rogue Valley Door includes a drug test.

I understand that any offer of employment is conditional and Rogue Valley Door will ask me to sign a consent and waiver form, and a separate authorization to release the results of the test before I take the test. I understand that if I refuse to sign the consent and waiver, or the authorization to release the results, or if my test results are positive, then Rogue Valley Door will withdraw the offer of employment and will not consider me for employment for 180 days, after which I may reapply.

I understand that I will be permanently barred from employment if the collection facility reasonably believes I have altered, substituted or tampered with my sample. I understand all drug test data will be maintained as a confidential record and will be disclosed only to those with a business need to know.

I-9 Form Documentation

I understand I-9 documentation is not part of the application or interview process. I understand, however, that if Rogue Valley Door offers me a job position, then on the day that I am scheduled to begin work I must complete an I-9 form and provide Rogue Valley Door with documentation that shows my identity and authorization to work in the United States. I understand that if I do not provide this documentation, I will no longer be qualified for the job position. I understand that federal law imposes imprisonment and/or fines upon any person who makes a false statement, uses a document issued to someone else, or uses a counterfeit, altered, forged or falsely made document to obtain employment.

General Acknowledgment

I have read and understand all of the instructions and acknowledgments set forth above. My signature represents that I will comply and that I understand the consequences if I do not comply.